‘Rotterdam Werkt’

Place: Rotterdam, Glashaven
Commissionar: Ernst & Young
Year: 2009
Size: ca. 850 x 600 cm
Materials: fused glass, grisaille

The wall installation ‘Rotterdam Works’ for Ernst & Young in Rotterdam, using fused glass and photographically silk-screened glass.

The Untouchables

Place: Maastricht
Commissionar: Maastricht University
Year: 2001
Size: ca. 300 x 1200 cm
Materials: blown glass, sandblasted

Each object is unique in color and shape. The flowers contain glass buttons, some of which contain words that refer to values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Tolerance, respect, family, hope and knowledge are some of these words. Some are unscibed, to indicate that jurisdiction is not static but can develop and change.

Infinitive Moment in  Red & Blue

Object of the Year Horn Royal Leerdam Crystal 2001
Year: 2001
Size: diameter ca. 22 cm
Limited Edition: 250
Materials: Royal Leerdam Crystal

The Cellforms literally refer to the cells out of which the organic world is composed. ‘The basic form and a core is the principle of every variety. Each organism is part of an infinite flow of cells constantly de- and regenerating.’ In the series Infinite moment in Red & Blue Lintzen incorporates the concept of a living blood cell for the annual object for Royal Leerdam Crystal.

Tree Vase | Boomvaasje

Commissionar: Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
Year: 2001
Size: ca. 16 x 32 cm
Materials: blown glass
Limited edition: 90