Sabine Lintzen – Living Fields

2014, English
Author: Catherina Brugman
Publisher: Fontana Publishers
ISBN: 978-90-75084-20-7

Marc Mulders – Sabine Lintzen – Oriental Field

2016, Dutch
Author: Esther Darley
Publisher: Galerie Dom ‘Arte

Wer hätte das gedacht!

2016, German
Publisher: Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding

De verbeelding van Maastricht

2015, Dutch
Author: Servé Minis
Publisher: Veldeke foundation Maastricht

De glazen eeuw | The glass age

2006, Dutch | English
Concept: Angela van der Burght
Publisher: VVMG

Floezzz no.1 2006

2006, Dutch
Publisher: VVMG

Siem & friends

2006, Dutch | English
Author: Irenka van den Hout
Publisher: Royal Leerdam

Floezzz no.3 2011

2011, Dutch
Author: Piet Augustijn
Photo: Henri Peters
Publisher: VVMG

Judith Miller, 20th Century Glass – a collector’s guide

2004, English
Author: Judith Miller
Publisher: DK Book

Glasbulletin 15 jaar

2001, Dutch
Author: Gerda Broest
Photo: Richard Willebrands
Publisher: VVMG

Glasbulletin 2003 ‘De technieken van mozaïekglas’

2003, Dutch
Author: Angela van der Burght
Publisher: VVMG

Lexicon Moderne Nederlandse Glaskunst

1993, Dutch
Author : T.M.Eliëns & M.Singelenberg-van der Meer



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Vessel Gallery
114 Kensington Park Rd, London
Mo – Fri: 10:00 – 18:00h
Sat: 11:00 – 17:00h

Galerie Dom’ Arte
Gerry Broos
Langendijksestraat 3, Rucphen
Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 – 17:00h
Open other days by appointment
Galerie Dom’ Arte

Galerie Mariska Dirkx
Wilhelminasingel 67, Roermond
Open every day by appointment



1956 Herzogenrath – Aken (D)
1977-81 ABKH Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design 3D design, sculpture, ceramics, applied arts and monumental arts
1980 Academy of Fine Arts Berlin, Prof. Lothar Fischer, Berlin
1981-84 Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education, Maastricht
Activities  and awards
  • Working at glassfoundery De Oude Horn, Leerdam-Acquoy, with Bernard Heesen, 1991-1998
  • Working at Van Tetterode Glas, Amsterdam, in collaboration with masterglassblower Richard Price, 1998 – present
  • Object of the year 1998, Institut Cristal Supérieur, Royal Leerdam, limited edition
  • “Radio and Antenna”, Novemprijs 1998, Utrecht-Sittard
  • Unica Royal Leerdam Crystal in collaboration with Gert Bullee, 2000 – present
  • “Infinite Moment in Red &Blue”, object of the year 2001, Artfair Horn-Royal Leerdam Crystal, limited edition 2001
  • “Treevases”, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, Provincie Limburg, limited edition, 2001
  • Jurylid Glass Artfair Horn, Limburg, 2004
  • “Longvases”, Art Company, Eindhoven, limited edition, 2003
  • Nomination “The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa 2007”, (JP). ( cat. )
  • Collaboration with F.van Overschelde at “Het Glazen Huis”, Lommel , (B,) 2009 – present
  • “Threads in Turkish Blue”, 1st Award Waterschap Veluwe, Apeldoorn, 2009
  • “Color-Field”, object of the year 2010,National Glassartfair Leerdam, Leerdam, 2010 (cat.)
  • “Publieksprijs Salon 2010”, Museum Het Domein, Sittard, 2011
  • Founding Richard Price and Sabine Lintzen Millen Glas Studio, Sittard, 2016
Collections and commissions
  • Collection Oce-Van der Grinten, Venlo 1982
  • “Cycle”, ceramic wallobject, Groene Kruis gebouw, Kerkrade, 1983
  • “Zwart-Goud”, wallinstallation, Rabobank, Geleen, 1997
  • Jaarobject Institut Cristal Supérieur, Leerdam, 1998
  • Collection Nationaal Glasmuseum, Leerdam, 1999, 2000
  • Collection Ministerie van Justitie, Den Haag, 1999
  • Collection Schretlen Bank, Waalre, 1999
  • Collection P. Zaugg, (CH), 2000
  • “The Untouchables”, entrancehal Universiteit Maastricht, Juridische Faculteit, 2001
  • Sea of Energy, Cunard Cruiseschip “Queen Mary 2”, 2003
  • Collection, Art Foundation Akzo-Nobel, Arnhem, 2004
  • Collection Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding, Coesfeld-Lette, (D)  2004 & 2008
  • “Rotterdam Werkt”, entrancehal Ernst&Young, Rotterdam, 2005
  • Collection Dirk Schrijvers, Design Museum Gent, 2008 & 2012
  • Collection Waterschap Veluwe, award  Kasteel Vaessen, Apeldoorn,  2009
  • Collection Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding, Coesfeld-Lette (D)  2010 & 2011
  • Design object of the year 2010  ‘Color-Field’, Glaskunstbeurs Leerdam, Leerdam,  2010
  • Gift for the members of “Provinciale Staten en de Gouverneur” , Provincie Limburg, 2011
  • “From Life into Light”, desig and realisation 11 windows , Urnenhof
    St. Bernadette Kerk, Sittard, 2012
  • Collection Glasmuseum Immenhausen (D) 2014
  • Collection Sir Elton John (UK) 2016

About Sabine Lintzen

Sabine Lintzen studied 3D Design, Sculpture, Ceramics, Applied Arts and Monumental Arts at the Maastricht Academy and the HBK in Berlin. Since 1981 she has had her own studio, and since 1995 she has been working with blown glass. Since 2002 she has been making works in the Van Tetterode Glass Objects In Amsterdam, and sometimes at Royal Leerdam Crystal. When using float glass she works at Fenestra Ateliers in Achel, Belgium, and with the Hein Derix glass studio in Kevelaer, Germany. She also makes works at the Occhi glassblowing studio in Haarlem, where she works with Yvon Trossèl. Recently Lintzen has been working mainly with blown glass.

For me, glass is colour and form at once, endlessly lively and rich in poetic potential. It surprises and delights me to see how strongly a single work or group of works can affect a space, determining the atmosphere and impressing with its presence. I make a great deal of ‘autonomous’ work, if there is such a thing. After all, we’re not alone in the world.. For me, working is like swimming in a strong current. I find it difficult to explain. I only know that I must do my work as is dictates itself. Working with glass is working with a process, a journey. At every bend in the road, a new prospect appears. I have had the good fortune of working with the same team for some years now, with Richard Price as Master glass blower and Frédérix van der Overschelde as assistant. Over the past year we have worked mainly on the ‘threads’ bowls, in which the lacy patterns are produced by combining the grail technique and sand blasting, and on the series of art objects called ‘Questions + Answers’, I also make table sets for water and wine, working with Yvon Trossèl. I made the wall installation ‘Rotterdam Works’ for Ernst & Young in Rotterdam, using fused glass and photographically silk-screened glass. I am now working on glass chains, whose charm relies mainly on their colour, and which are totally attuned to the wearer. All the objects that I make are attempts to order the world in a way that is, generally speaking, harmonious for me, to create a world that I finds agreeable and worth treasuring. It is also the world that I, as a foreigner, need to order in a more universal and abstract way in order to be able to grasp the whole.. For some years I have been translating mind maps, fields of memory, the patterns in crystal structures, lacework and organic, self-organising systems into glass objects, in which the wind seems to blow througd the glass. I am interested in finding out how things come about, how they organise themselves within a system and form new structures. I use murrini and the grail technique, drawing on old patterns and my own patterns based on the repetition of the patterns found in branches and trees. Glass is the ideal material to embody a network of ideas, and of emotions. It is open, flexible, and can be altered.”

Read more about Sabine Lintzen in the book ‘Living Fields’.
You can order the book by sending an e-mail to info@sabinelintzen.nl.